Does Your GTA Parking Lot Need Catch Basin Repair?

Maintaining your parking lot catch basin in good repair is especially important in the GTA. Winter snowfall causes significant water runoff in the spring, which can seep under the pavement, causing the asphalt to buckle and crack.
In addition to water alone, the mixture of corrosive pavement salt that is applied to melt fallen snow can cause asphalt to deteriorate much more rapidly than it would under normal winter conditions.
Cracks in the pavement cannot always been seen under layers of snow and ice, which may cause snow plows to get caught up in the cracks, causing hazardous and costly damage to your parking lot. Preventative catch basin maintenance is a profitable investment that can save you from extensive repair jobs later on. It will also protect you from possible vehicle damage and personal liability

Parking lot catch basin repair is imperative to maintain the condition of your asphalt in the GTA.
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Catch Basins Catch All

Parking lot catch basin repair is important for your GTA business.

Catch basins, also known as storm drains, need to remain functional and free of debris so that they can prevent the asphalt from pooling with water. However, many don’t know why catch basins are so important to the structure of their pavement. Here’s a few reasons why:

Preventing Toxic Runoff

Catch basins catch rainwater, dirt, and other types of floatable rubbish that would otherwise end up flowing into the water system. Gas, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, and other chemicals that drip from vehicles that drive over your parking lot can all get into the soil without a properly maintained storm drain. A business that keeps an appropriately cleaned and repaired catch basin keeps the environment healthy, which benefits both customers and the ecosystem.


Proactively Combats Cracking

If a catch basin is clogged or in need of repair, water and debris will pool on the surface of the asphalt. The more water sits on your parking lot, the more it begins to deteriorate. This deterioration leads to cracks forming and subsequently, potholes. Protect yourself from larger costly repairs by preventing the problem in the first place­. Continuing to seal your cracks without fixing your catch basin would be like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound– completely ineffective.


Making Good Impressions

Your parking lot is the welcome mat to your business. On a rainy day, nobody wants to step out of their car to find a puddle at their feet and their shoes soggy. Even after the rain passes, the effects of not having a properly maintained catch basin continue. The debris and dirt that may have washed onto your parking lot from the rain will now sit there as it hadn’t been properly drained, leaving your parking lot looking dirty. Keep your parking lot clean.


Catch Basins are Essential

A fully operational catch basin is essential to protecting the environment, your parking lot, and your business. Parking lot catch basin repair is a good preventative measure for any type of commercial parking lot in the GTA. Keep your drains clear with regular maintenance by professionals who back their work up with warranty. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your catch basins in good repair.

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